Darna Mana Hai

Not Rated 2h 1m 2003


Seven friends are traveling through a forest when their car breaks down in the dark and they decide to tell horror stories to pass the time. But after each story one friend gets scared and goes back to the car. 1) Karan and Anjali get stuck in the forest when their car suddenly stops while Anjali sees Karan going into creep but next moment he is standing besides her claiming to be normal. 2) Anil Manchandani , a smoker, checks into a hotel whose owner is weird and hates smoking. 3) Pramila, a little girl who is not a good student, has several complaints from her teacher; suddenly the teacher gets scared of her when her behavior changes. 4) Homemaker Gayatri finds an apple-seller suspicious; the next morning she finds that things around her house have turned into apples--including her husband. 5) John is waiting outside a graveyard for a lift; when Amar lets him in his car, he reveals that he died few days back. 6) Purab, considered a loser by everyone, suddenly gets the power to STOP things around him.

Director: Prawaal Raman

Genres: Adventure, Horror

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